Monday, March 8, 2010

The Sandwitches -
How to Make Ambient Sadcake

The Sandwitches are playing tonight at the Zodiac with The Dodgers and the always great, AK Slaughter - three dollar suggested donation and the show starts at 10 PM.

A trio from San Francisco, The Sandwitches are two ladies that sing and play guitar and a fellow that plays drums. The result is a jangled burst of sunny pop music, but with a dark twist that echoes from prior eras. For those who dig the Smith Westerns, and are down to dive into a little Fleetwood Mac here and there - The Sandwitches are for you.

Grace and Heidi were once members of The Fresh and Onlys, but now create in a new realm. How to Make Ambient Sadcake was released last year, the first release out on Turn Up Records.

The vocals on this record provide a warm and fuzzy layer that's quite a quick draw. Smatterings of vintage era doo-wop and coats of cracked soul lend a hand to some classic 60s girl pop sensibilities. Yet the darker vibes are what gives this release character, making sure to never stray too far away from being sprinkled with sugar. It's a careful balance that never quite leans too far in the wrong direction.

More entrancing tunes like "Marry Me" and "Fire" hold captive rhythms that have a cave folk vibe, while tracks like album opener "Back to the Sea" are more fit for a group sing-a-long. The record's subtle highs and lows that have me uncovering more each listen, drawing from endless genres yet feeling right at home all along.

This kind of weird pop outfit should help make for a pleasant Monday evening at the Zodiac. The Sandwitches have kept busy since their debut release, and like many have a lively March planned with a plethora of shows down at SXSW and beyond. Peep some live video below, and you can still grab their fantastic debut LP over at Endless Nest.

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