Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Family - "Laura's Diet" / Dead Drums - "A Thousand"
+ show tonight w/ Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, and more

Tonight there's a beauty of a house show down at 2720 Sisson with Happy Family, Dead Drums, and Rothko's Modern Life all joined by Kansas's Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk.

I've mentioned the infectiously ambient works of Dead Drums here before, the solo project of Caleb from Lands & Peoples. He's got an EP in the works to be released via Bathetic Records, and was kind enough to pass along a new taste last night. Above is "A Thousand", a gentle grower that starts with a low hum which hardly prepares you for the beauty to come. A light cloud of bliss captures the first half, until guitars transform your feelings of content into pure happiness in the end. Listening to this jam in full is a must.

Happy Family has been a favorite of mine since he sent over his original EP, and for the past couple years we've gotten taste after taste of a full length that's been in the works. I've had the opportunity to take a listen to several incarnations of the forthcoming album, and "Laura's Diet" (above) is certainly a high point of the journey. You can snag this track as part of Wigflip's End of Summer comp that dropped a few weeks ago.

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