Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Video: Thank You - "Birth Reunion"

The folks over at Thrill Jockey just gave us the go ahead to post the new video from Thank You. The short for "Birth Reunion" was shot by Nat Munari, with the help of Katherine St.Paul Hill, Lindsay Pickett, and Za Dawson of the Bobby dance group.

"Birth Reunion" is the second track on Thank You's forthcoming Golden Worry LP, of which I shared excitement for a few weeks ago. It will be available January 25, 2011.

Coincidentally, William Cashion just informed me that Bobby will be performing on November 20 at the upcoming Future Islands seven inch release party, in which I posted the new single for earlier today. Bobby will perform in between sets from Future Islands, Lonnie Walker, and Winks. View that flyer right here. Bobby debuted at this year's Whartscape, and also performed at the Oxes show back in August at Windup Space.

bobby @ the windup space

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