Monday, November 8, 2010

Video: Ami Dang - Where Nothing Grows

We mentioned Ami Dang's forthcoming record a few weeks ago, which is out via Ehse Records on January 7. It now has its first proper video, a short sculpted by Mark Brown.

I first caught the video for "Where Nothing Grows" during Mark Brown's portion of Soft Fest a few weeks back, in which he also projected a taste from an upcoming Teengirl Fantasy video he did. Mark's psychedelic churn of effects turn this bollywood dance romp into a full-on organic head-fuck. From the looks of the footage, I'd guess that Ami is dancing in the corner of The Soft House while the sun sets over west Baltimore. This imagery is cut and spun with sun-lit vegetation, which eventually turns to sparse desert.

Ami Dang's forthcoming LP is dubbed HUKAM, and is out January 7 via Ehse.

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