Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Interview: Jason Urick
+ show w/ Deakin, Highlife, Weyes Blood

  photo by Josh Sisk        

For the past ten years Jason Urick has played a heavy hand in mixing the musical pot that is Baltimore. In addition to his stellar recent solo output and his former outfit WZT Hearts, Urick's reach is one that fully embodies what this town thrives on.
"...everybody here influences each other."
Jason Urick recently let folks in Baltimore know that he'd soon be relocating. I was able to reach out to Jason yesterday, who filled me on his current state of affairs and more...

Brett: I heard you'll be moving out of Baltimore soon, where are you headed?

Jason: The word is true... as far as final landing spots go it's pretty liquid right now, but i do know I'll be on the west coast of Oregon in December and Portland for a few months after that.  I'll send Baltimore a postcard when I know where my destination will end.

What are your plans while inhabiting these new digs? 

My only plans are to have no plans at all at this time!

Any new music on the horizon?

Yeah I have a good bit of stuff bubbling up... first a split tape on Wtr Clr with Rjyan Kidwell of reggae re-edits that I'm pretty amped on... working on rmixes for Oxes and Ami Dang, a possible collab with Maxmillion Dunbar and just started rough ideas for the next full length. Pretty much the entire month of December I will be holed up in Western Oregon churning out tunes.

Is there a moment or influence in particular that caused you to decide to leave Baltimore?

No, not really... it's either a combination of lots of little things or nothing at all... I'm not sure... i only know I've been here 10 1/2 years and the itch to move on had become unbearable to deny.

What has music/art here in Baltimore taught you?

I can say that the main thing I'll take away from my time here is that everybody here influences each other, and that is a pretty special situation!

What were some of your favorite shows you've been a part of here in town?

Wow that's a tough one... Some that stick out in my mind that I had no part in would be:

To Live & Shave in LA II @ the Ottobar
every Lungfish show ever
US Maple at the Ottobar
Trad Gras Och Stenar @ Talking Head Club

and my favorite moments setting up shows would have to be:

AMM @ Mt Vernon Place United Methodist Church
Smith N' Hack @ Sonar (once.twice.festival)
William Basinski @ JHU (once.twice:festival)
Animal Collective @ Payan's Rugs
Cluster and all @ Floristree

Current favorite new Baltimore sounds?

I've been very lucky to have copies of new albums by Ken Seeno, Thank You and Arbouretum in my hard drive and am loving all three.

On the younger end Gem Vision is currently one of my favorite things going on ANYWHERE. Also digging on all the Soft House/Wigflip  stuff still (eachothers, Do While, Run DMT...). Ecstatic Sunshine's new stuff, Dustin... so much as always.

Would you care to offer any advice to those who will remain here in Baltimore?

Not really, I think Baltimore is in a good place and still beyong needing much advice musically culturally. Maybe my only advice to people living here is DON"T WEAR HEDPHONES AT NIGHT!

Sound advice, Jason. You will surely be missed here.


This Friday night Jason Urick plays his last Baltimore show for awhile at Floristree. The bill also sports Deakin, Highlife, and Weyes Blood. Starts at 9 PM and probably costs $5.

"Fussing & Fighting" is from an EP Urick dropped on Thrill Jockey earlier this year, while "F Kenya RIP" is from Highlife's Best Bless EP which came recently via Social Registry.

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