Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Live MP3s: Ecstatic Sunshine @ Soft Fest

I present you with more great audio to share from this year's Soft Fest, this gem via the set by the ever-evolving Ecstatic Sunshine. This project has remained the solo endeavor of Matthew Papich over the last year or two, with him churning out a stellar full length and some other sounds here and there - including the digital single "Hello Money" below.

Much like the evolving lineup the project has had over the years, one can never expect exactly the same thing from a live set. Sunday night's Soft Fest performance, recorded by David Carter, consisted mostly just of samples. Papich shared endearing sounds that bubbled and entranced until they boiled over into new melodies and ideas. New waves washed into vibes that were slightly more percussive than journey's past, and even some familiar notes worked their way into the incredibly stellar set from Ecstatic Sunshine.


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