Thursday, November 18, 2010

Show: Future Islands, Lonnie Walker, Winks, Bobby @ Ottobar

This Saturday night, November 20th, the Ottobar hosts a late show (doors at 10 PM) that includes Future Islands, Lonnie Walker, Winks, and the dance collective Bobby.

This is the release party for a split 7" record with new singles from Future Islands and Lonnie Walker, dubbed "The Ink Well" and "Love Turn". The release is now available via our very own Friends Records, and comes on silky smooth peach-colored vinyl and a download code for those who prefer digital sounds.

Lonnie Walker are close friends of Future Islands from their hometown of Raleigh, but have played in Future Islands newfound home of Baltimore enough to earn a spot in Charm City's young hearts and minds. "Love Turn" is a sedated country punk ballad from the mind of singer Brian Corum, a heart-wrenching tale of when things go sour.

The Future Islands track features the glimmering synths, poignantly irresistible bass lines, and guttural vocals that have caused folks all over the world to fall in love with this band. This 7" is the last release of what has been a banner 2010 for the trio - touring the world and releasing their highly-acclaimed second LP with Thrill Jockey.

Winks will open, another Friends Records alum who is on the heels of releasing their next record. The new full length is to be titled She's Done, and steps in a more focused and polished direction than the old karaoke machine recordings of Winks' stellar debut cassette. Look for the track above, "She Cums in Colors", to appear on the new album, and stay tuned for more info on that release.

The show on Saturday starts at 10 PM at the Ottobar, and costs just $7.


Anonymous said...

has anyone NOT had a banner 2010?

i mean come on brett

Brett said...

Ah yes, I used the same phrase for Mickey Free and Future Islands in two posts back-to-back.

I stand by it. Hooray for both in 2010.