Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ami Dang - Hukam

Last week at Normals I purchased my first record of 2011, Ami Dang's new LP. Hukam is Dang's first full length, and is out now and ready for consumption via Ehse Records.

"A Strange Community" marks the start of side B of the new record - a three and a half minute schooling on what exactly the output of Ami Dang entails. There are big and worldly Bollywood inspired beats, looping psychedelic swirls of sitar melodies, and likely one of the few sets of pipes out there that could patch it all together properly. However what drives this track is the experimental club rhythms that cascade and scatter around the hauntingly vast melodic tones and twisted layers of psychedelia with ease.

If that sounds complex and poorly matched, it's not. Hukam puts all of these forces together and more - tossing in cosmic ambiance, standard pop sensibilities, and a hint of avant electronics for good measure. While the record's influences are abundant, the album boasts simplicity and a knack for containing a good bit of infectious pop hooks that will hopefully inspire care-free late night dance parties the world over.

Go get Ami Dang's Hukam from Baltimore's Ehse Records via most available formats.

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