Monday, January 17, 2011

Inflatable Mattress - Pumped Up

Saturday night I attended a show at the Penthouse put together by Mike of Run DMT which was a lot of fun, and boasted a strong bill from start to finish. Opening was Happy Family, the solo project of Will Pesta who is also responsible for the equally amazing Wigflip Records and Inflatable Mattress. The latter is Will's beat-oriented moniker, a project of which is he's just about to relinquish another batch of jaded bangers through.

The upcoming mix is called Pumped Up, and is healthy portion of heavily-dosed beats worthy of cosmic minds that dig into a deep exploration of pop music. You see, Will started working at Sound Garden a few months ago. Thus, dude is bringing back a steadier new helping of wax to his laboratory. The new album almost exclusively samples from his newly acquired vinyl snatched up from the Fells Point record shop.

I've heard many stories about what working at a record store can do your music intake and consumption habits, and I suppose Pumped Up is an aural portrait of what Will Pesta has been experiencing since starting his new job. These super chunky beats of all varieties are laced with wonky psychedelia and a green fog that tends to be ecstatically dense with sonics. What does this say about Pesta's current pallet? The world may never truly know, but these new pieces are pretty fucking radical nonetheless.

Look for Inflatable Mattress' Pumped Up to drop for free on Wigflip Records soon.

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