Thursday, January 6, 2011

Microkingdom - "Surgery Ghosts"

 poster by Chris Day

Microkingdom play tonight at Metro Gallery, and again in Baltimore on Friday, January 21 with Witch Hat and Violet Hour for their record release show at the Windup Space.

The new Microkingdom record has been over three years in the making, but will take to it's proper physical form in just a few weeks. The vinyl has already arrived in Baltimore - 250 copies on white-colored wax, and 250 copies on black. Artwork designed by Chris Day arrives soon too, and  Three Compositions of No Jazz will be available in a couple weeks.

"Surgery Ghosts" is the the last song on the new LP, and the end to this particular psycho-sonic adventure with Marc Miller and Dr. Will Redman. A fitting capstone indeed, as the six minute track finishes with a signature Marc Miller guitar exploration that sounds like he is using some sort of intergalactic operating table as a playground for tweaking industrial noise. While John Dierker is the only other musician found on the rest of the record, this track also features help from Otto Mullen on organ.

It is a dark and stormy beast of a closer, letting up and crashing down in waves of sound that do not belong on earth. Tactfully scattered forms of demanding beats and unparalleled noise compositions remind you where of you've come from, a journey of a record containing uncharted landscapes and exploratory sonics fit for the best of 'em.

Three Compositions of No Jazz hits stores and mailboxes in a couple weeks.

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