Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winks - Daisy Ingraham

Here' a mid week treat for all the lonely weirdos and goth nerds out there (or just regular people), a new EP from Winks who are fresh off their latest album called She's Done.

Daisy Ingraham is the name of the new three song EP, and is also the title of the second song on this short voyage. This journey didn't originate in any sort of exotic or far-off land, nope. It set sail in the depths of Chase O'hara's bedroom just like Winks' debut album. This was recorded straight to cassette, as the quality of fidelity in these jams will indicate. This bodes well for the types of noise worked into each track.

"Daisy Ingraham" is a fine example of portraying subtle noise interlaced with pop music using cassette tape to record to. This marks a slightly new direction for Winks, one that might find Chase listening to John Maus through a kaleidoscope frequently. There's plenty of indistinguishable textures and tones, but they are all somehow worked in to help create an ambient atmosphere for the simple melodies to flourish in.

Get the new EP for free right here, and don't sleep on the new full length, She's Done.

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