Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Giveaway: Universal Order of Armageddon at Sonar

This week will see a monster of a show down at Sonar with Universal Order of Armageddon taking the stage for a rare performance. They'll be joined by Oak, Regents, and The Gift to complete this massive affair of heavy and loud sounds.

Dana at Unregistered Nurse has hooked us up with a pair of passes to give away to this one, so email us at your leisure with the subject "UOA" telling us why oh why they should be yours, and we'll choose one winner Thursday morning.

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seconds said...

I got to the show just in time and worked my way to the front, right in front of TONIE JOY of course and I look to my left...BAM standing about 5 inches from the guitar monitor was P. fuckin' R. To all who wonder who that little devilish possessed boy is on every damn UOA website well ladies and gents, it's uhhh...a guy named MATT. The guy used to curl up on stage (with UOA in '92) and scream "I am fenced in, get me the fuck out!"...with a 'chicken shit' MOHAWK, bless his heart. Oh, and the band were FREAKIN' great too. I really like UOA in a "bad PA, shitty equipment malfunction enviroment" but I have to admit, they sounded great in a structured setting. Better than ever....Damn I shoulda bootlegged that shit. Maybe P.R. did? He gave me his number. Maybe I will use it.....