Monday, January 3, 2011

Gem Vision - Space Heater

Baltimore's own Gem Vision is the work of Justin Kelly, who is also responsible for the always radical WTR CLR. In 2009 Gem Vision released both More and Ambien, the former being the inaugural release in WTR CLR's catalog. At the very end of 2010 Justin passed along to me Space Heater, a new release under the Gem Vision moniker that also features help from David Jacober and Zachary Utz (Holy Ghost Party, Dope Body).

"Untitled 1" is a somewhat calm and peaceful exploration into tones and textures. The feeling of warmth and familiarity are present, but never overwhelming, almost like a recurrent dream that you hope makes an appearance each night. When the mood shifts, there's moments of not knowing where you stand, but the floor is just as quickly put right back beneath your feet. While the feeling of each note seems to be felt heavily, each is enforced with such careful delivery that it's sure to have you off to the clouds.

Space Heater was recorded last winter in Baltimore using a Tascam four track recorder. It's a collection of three improvised compositions, and clocks in at over 17 minutes all together. It's available for free download from WTR CLR now, get on it.

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