Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eachothers - Lately Now

Last weekend I had the pleasure of sitting next to WTR CLR's table during the Publication & Multiples Fair at Open Space, as if I hadn't already dug deep enough into their catalog.

With recent standout releases that include work from Ken Seeno, Holy Ghost Party, Gem Vision, and Dustin Wong, it's been tough to not spend a ton of time with each album WTR CLR has put out. A new one to my eyes and ears this past weekend was a split CDR from Eachothers and En Passant. Take a listen to Eachothers' "Brim" below.

I've only had a chance to spend some time with the Eachothers disc, as having experienced John Jones' live shows a few times prior, it was a welcome find. The sound is rich in layered guitar bliss, and Lately Now does more to build upon the brilliance of his earlier work. In many instances of looping guitar music there are often definitive start and ending points for each sound and layer. But with Eachothers, layers and loops don't ever really end or start as much as they intertwine and melt together.

The packaging of this double CDR is also worth noting, as it comes in a beautifully colored cardboard encasing thats about the same size as a DVD. The front is pictured above, but I'd recommend ordering your own copy from WTR CLR to get the full effect.

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