Thursday, March 10, 2011

Secret Mountains - "Weepy Little Fingers"
+ SXSW Tour & Interactive Ambient Site

Secret Mountains leave for tour tomorrow with their friends, Lands and Peoples. To SXSW and back, both bands have been hard at work on new music. Lands and Peoples have been busy working on their debut full length, while Secret Mountains just dropped Rejoice. Secret Mountains already have another new song, take a gander below.

"Weepy Little Fingers" is a live favorite, as the young six-piece generally blasts this one with pride. It is among the first batch of new songs recorded at Mobtown Studios. The song rings hard from the beginning, twisting and entrancing it's way to your heart via Kelly's mean vocals and the rest of the crew's knack for psych-coated folk pop. It was submitted for the forthcoming Friends Records compilation, more on which is TBA.

In celebration of their joint tour to SXSW, Lands and Peoples and Secret Mountains have created an interactive ambient collage of members performing live. Videos of these performances are arranged in a grid, allowing the user to create their own experience.

Don't sleep on the exhibit page or the new song, and peep all the tour dates below.

3/11 Charlottesville, VA The Tea Bazaar - DOM, Andrew Cedarmark (just SM)
3/11 Washington, DC The Black Cat Wye Oak, Lower Dens (just L&P)
3/12 Savannah, GA Savannah Stopover Festival Murder By Death, Birds of Avalon
3/13 Tallahasse, Fl The Farside Holiday Shores, Levek + More
3/14 New Orleans, LA The Saint We Are Country Mice + More
3/15 Houston, TX Super Happy Fun Land We Are Country Mice + More
3/16 Austin, TX Animal Style (House Show) Lots of fun bands!
3/17 Austin, TX Hot Mama's Kassette Klub + Head Underwater Showcase
3/17 Austin, TX Thunderbird Coffee Giant Step Productions Showcase
3/18 Austin, TX Lipstick 24 I Guess I'm Floating Showcase
3/21 Oxford, MS Cats Purring Dude Ranch Gobble Gobble + More
3/23 Baltimore, MD The Windup Space Brendan Sullivan, Outer Minds

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