Monday, March 7, 2011

Ponytail - "Easy Peasy"

"Easy Peasy" is the opening track of the forthcoming Ponytail LP, a record that will likely make a lot of noise in a bit of a quiet period for the local spazz-induced art rock force.

Ken Seeno, who has recently spawned a wealth of radical new solo sounds, kindly passed along the new Ponytail LP to me a few weeks ago. It hasn't stray far from my ears, as Do Whatever You Want All The Time appears to be a stellar follow-up to Ice Cream Spiritual.

While similar hyperactive passages and exploratory guitar noise are implemented, the new work seems to find the band honing in on a much more focused mission. Their goal again is to spread an incredibly positive feeling in the form of textured guitar wizardry, percussive vocals, and mind-numbing drum beats. However, this time that objective is complimented with a plethora of softer and more melodic moments.

A more diverse pallet is certainly drawn from on this record, but "Easy Peasy" proves that the same sugar-coated and lovable sound is what still drives this Baltimore band. The new LP is out next month on We Are Free, and don't sleep on the teaser video.

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