Monday, March 28, 2011

Show: Wildfire Wildfire Last Waltz

I don't typically mention shows this far in advance, but next month a show will mark an end of an era. This particular era has been extremely important to Baltimore's music scene. While a functioning entity that represents this time might be calling it quits, it's influence and legacy will remain here in Baltimore in new and similar shapes and forms.

Wildfire Wildfire is a record label from Baltimore headed by Devon Deimler and Matthew Papich, but consisted of many other amazing individuals that helped shape it's success. I sat down with Matthew this past weekend to discuss a few things, amongst which he told me about how Wildfire Wildfire would be coming to an end soon.

The label is throwing one last show, which will be held at Floristree on May 6. The lineup currently includes Jason Willett, Co La, Thank You, Dustin Wong. More TBA soon.

This might also be your last chance to grip some Wildfire Wildfire vinyl, as the label is getting rid of it's entire stock. Anything left over will be given to the artists, though. Stayed tuned for more details on this big big show, and more news involving some of the artists included on their roster. "Celebrate the end of an eraWhat, me worry?"

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