Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Co La

Matthew Papich, current sole proprietor of Baltimore's coveted Ecstatic Sunshine moniker, has a new project. It is called Co La, and below is one of the newest tracks.

First of all - Soundcloud is a wonderland. You probably already knew that, but Co La's internet presence is a solid reminder as to why Myspace is dead. Not to say a Soundcloud account is all a band needs to have online these days, but it and Bandcamp are easily the best interface to get your music heard. Co La's page sports 18 new tracks to listen to in full, all of which have been uploaded within the past three months.

These new works are in a new realm compared to the current Ecstatic Sunshine ongoings, digestible chunks of sound collaged together with soul and psyched-out sonic wizardry. A lot are beat-oriented, but the kind of beats you'd implement on a hazy day when the air is thick and stealthy featherweight tactics are necessary for movement through the heavy fog. Listeners of sample-based experimental pop collages, rejoice.

Though they operate in different realms, fans of Matt's contributions to Ecstatic Sunshine are probably still going to love the shit out of this new Co La material. Matt performs his first local Co La set Friday with Dustin Wong at an afterparty for the Putty Hill movie opening. I should also mention, that the Putty Hill afterparty the following night, Saturday, is a shared event with our Celebration LP release show at 2640.

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