Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Black Keys are Recession Proof

All walks of life showed up to see 2 dudes from Akron, Ohio wail on their guitar and drum kit last night. The Black Keys played at Rams Head, which was fully occupied head to toe on a frigid night in downtown Baltimore.
Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney filled the room with a brand of soulful blues rock that makes you wonder why any band would ever need more than 2 members.

But then you remember bands like them.

No talks of a stimulus plan or bailout were to be heard, only primal altercations about real estate to view the duo's performance. The band displayed a wide array of their catalog, even rocking "The Breaks" off the 2002 classic The Big Come Up.

The Black Keys played an excellent show, however there certainly were questionable vibes regarding the show's environment. But, dudes rocked too hard to care.


Anonymous said...

What were the "questionable vibes regarding the show's environment."?

Brett said...

Shot you an answer via your blog.