Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Interview: The Hilltop Hightops / DMFS

To most, the Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad's transition into the Hilltop Hightops was a no brainer. Everything about turning a song about homosexual relations into a children's track lecturing the dangers of experimental cooking called "Anchovy Pancakes" is just plain brilliant.

A steady riser in the 5 and under DIY scene, the Hilltop Hightops just dropped their debut. You can grab Super Galactic Space Banana right here, a must for your back to school recess soundtrack.

I recently had the pleasure of asking Professor Doktor Von Science aka Nikc Miller a few questions:

Bmore Music: Clearly the best band transformation ever, how’d it happen?

Nikc: A lot of people have told us that the Flute Squad is a lot of fun because we remind them of being a kid. Horsepower has this sort of superhero mystique. Also the songs are easy to remember cause of so many chants, crowd participation etc. Then Ryan (guitarist Father Ryan O’Graham) and Curtis (Bassist King Crispin) started writing the songs and I was really impressed with how well thought-out the new lyrics were. I kind of like the new versions better. At our first show tons of kids showed up and loved it. Playing for kids is cool. It’s like playing for a really rowdy drunken crowd of little people.

Bmore Music: “Juice Box Love”, the only true American love ballad?

Nikc: We’re no strangers to songs about food. The relationship between man and lunch is a serious one to consider even from an early age.

Bmore Music: Better performers, Raffi or Sharon, Lois and Bram?

Nikc: I really don’t know those guys. My favorite bands when I was a kid were Megadeth and Faith No More.

Bmore Music: Best DMFS --> Hilltop Hightops song transition?

Nikc: I would say “Anchovy Pancakes.” I won’t even say the name of the song it was originally from. It’s so obscene we decided to not even put it on “Die Humpin” We still play it at shows quite frequently however. It’s really popular with the gay/lesbian/bisexual community.

Bmore Music: More influential on Baltimore’s youth, Sheila Dixon or Hilltop Hightops?

Nikc: Geez, I hope it’s us, but she’s gotten around Baltimore a lot more. I think at this point Hilltop Hightops could make a song called “Don’t Be Like Sheila Dixon” and it would be pretty good for kids.

Bmore Music: Virgin Fest pre-party at the 8x10 next week?

Nikc: That’s gonna be nuts. We got invited to play at The 8x10 on 8/29 which is a huge deal to begin with. We found out that Flavor Flav was filming a new show called “The Next Great Hypeman” and we think our own Captain Mediocrity has what it takes. Everyone knows our history with reality TV so it totally makes sense. Plus Public Enemy’s gonna be in town for Virgin Free Fest. I really hope it goes well, but either way it will be a crazy night at the 8x10. Flav is a really nice guy.

We’re also giving away this really cool hand-painted Flute Squad guitar at The 8x10 that night. All you have to do is show up and say you came to see us. There will also be extra chances to win by ordering our special Flute Squad drink special. We thought it would make the night extra fun.


Anonymous said...

I've seen both bands and while the Hilltop Hightops are cute and it is very ingenious how they've created great kiddie ditties from the raunch of DMFS, I MUCH prefer DMFS. The cd sounds great too!

Brett said...

Have yet to see 'em live under this moniker, but agreed on the album. They did a super nice job with it.

Boneslinky said...

Should these guys really be playing for kids? I heard DMFS killed a guy on stage one time.

Father Ryan said...

We didn't kill a guy. Captain Mediocrity from DMFS put the australian guy from Next Great American Band in a sleeper hold. Capt. Mediocrity isn't in the HTHT, though, so the kids are safe. For now.