Thursday, August 20, 2009

The G: Hold My Gold

With a steady stream of fantastic lo-fi experimental pop and avant garde recordings, SHDWPLY has been a go to label over the past year or two. It's newest release is a bit of a change-up for the label, harnessing power from some of the early 90s' greatest forces.

Philly's The G, just dropped their first full length dubbed Hold My Gold via SHDWPLY. Packed with dirty rock and roll, this is one of the more easily accessible releases the label has produced.

No bells and whistles here, just straight up raunchy riffs and melodies that a make you want to chug some Jim Beam and ride Gravedigger into the night.

All monster truck comparisons aside, this Philly foursome would not be out of place if they were released on Merge back in 1992. With heavy guitars reminiscent of Carolina's early 90s output, think Superchunk or Polvo but maybe a whole lot drunker. Filtered through more modern fuzzes of punk and pop, the result is a sound that's catchy as hell.

While the rock is fantastically sloppy at times, tunes like "Behold a Pale Horse" are full of heart and help to round out the record's sound. This thirteen track LP comes highly recommended, and was limited to only 200 pressings. With a gritty silk-screened sleeve that's pictured above, I'd suggest picking it up.

Dudes are working on booking a show in the area, stay tuned for details on that.

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