Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tomorrow: Quartet Offensive Covers Pavement

Tomorrow night's show at the Ottobar boasts several reasons to attend, one of which is rather glaring. Local free jazz outfit Quartet Offensive will only be playing Pavement covers.

Covering Pavement traditionally is one thing, but translating Pavement's classics into jazz pieces is clearly a whole other thing entirely. The group will perform tracks taken from Wowee Zowee, Brighten the Corners, Terror Twilight, and Crooked Rain. I've also been promised that personal favorite "Flux = Rad" is on the menu.

If the Pavement covers don't entice you, Quartet Offensive's LP Carnivore most certainly should. Their debut album is filled with punked out off-kilter jazz, and is sure to be original and fresh to the ol' eardrums. With such a wide range of talent, these guys will certainly not disappoint tomorrow night either.

Headlining the show is Jerseyband. Yes, this is quite possibly the worst band name ever. But after a few initial listens, the genre that they claim to have created seems like a pretty accurate description. Jerseyband proclaims "Lungcore" as "A new genre that infuses a horn-driven band with heavy metal values". The idea does seem unique, and actually sounds as if it works pretty well.

Opening is Soul Cannon which features members of Quartet Offensive, and also Leisure Icons. This show is at 9 PM on Thursday night at the Ottobar, and will run you 8 bucks.

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