Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photo Review: Dungen / Woods at the Ottobar

Photos by Chrissy

Swedish psych enthusiasts Dungen headlined the Ottobar last night, with the lo fi folk pop of Woods opening. Gawk at Chrissy's stellar photo set of both groups above.

Armed with with some pricey vintage equipment, Woods crooned and noodled their way through the set. Jeremy Earl's voice is just as distinct live as on record, a kind of high pitched Neil Young feel with some cave-like echo. The tracks were all elaborated on with some jams that mostly seemed to actually go somewhere. If anyone can explain the microphone attached to the dude's mouth working the pedals, do tell.

Dungen took the stage to a warm welcome, their first show ever in Baltimore. They seemed genuinely happy to have some fans in the Charm City, not at all a hop, skip and jump from Stockholm. They quickly dove into the set rocking out, only to sink back into a handful of more mellow piano based tunes along the likes of Love.

The set eventually eased back into some more upbeat standouts from Tio Bitar and Ta Det Lugnt, and likely didn't leave out anyone's favorite. Even Gustav Ejstes made a point to thank the Ottobar's sound engineer, as the mix of guitars, drums, keys, vocals and the occasional flute were spot on. Overall it was a pleasant Monday evening in Remington, and if these guys ever come around again I'd be sure not to miss them.

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