Monday, August 10, 2009

The Get 'em Mamis: The Road to TerrAwesome

Originally catching all kinds of eyes after contributing their stellar "When You See Us" to the Wire's Beyond Hampsterdam soundtrack, The Get 'em Mamis are poised to catch some more attention.

Baltimore's female hip hop heavyweights are on the heels of releasing their first proper full length, aptly titled TerrAwesome. And if you checked out their latest mixtape, you'd know that "TerrAwesome" means somewhere between terrific and awesome.

Haven't peeped The Road to TerrAwesome yet? Head on over to the G.E.M's myspace for the link to a free download of all 16 tracks.

The mixtape boasts a ton of a material that should eventually see their more proper debut on the LP, many of which has been teased and given video treatment over the past year. Club hit "Cold Summer" bangs just as hard as it did a year ago, and the track from their latest video "Rock With Me" is also in full effect.

The tape is rounded out with remixes and freestyles, including choice cuts from their Madonna mixtape. Hearty from start to finish and with little to no filler, this should certainly tide us over until TerrAwesome sees its proper release. And if the road along the way is this good, the destination should be worth the trip.

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