Sunday, August 9, 2009

Photos: Beach House and Celebration outside Metro Gallery

Photos by Chrissy

Just as I didn't need to tell you why you should go to Friday night's show with Beach House and Celebration put on by the Metro Gallery, I likely don't need to remind you how good it was. Above is Chrissy's photo set from the evening, and man did she absolutely kill it on this one. Beautiful shots from an all-around beautiful evening.

Beach House showed off some newer tunes back when they played with Vetiver, and did more of the same Friday night. The new album is in the works, and based off the the handful of fresh stuff played Alex and Victoria are looking to churn out another fantastic record. Backed with a drummer, Victoria's illustrious voice broke hearts and Alex's psychedelic swirls mesmerized.

Katrina Ford's stage presence has always been great, but she really took hold of the crowd for this one. Celebration played in front of a hot air balloon projected onto the white blocked pyramid, different from the images they projected at Whartscape. They were also armed with an arsenal of fantastic new tracks, some of which can be downloaded for free from their site.

Aural States has the audio from their "Billie Jean" collaboration available, and looks to have the whole set up soon compliments of the Baltimore Taper.

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