Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Family: Sound Farm

Hazy free-flowing pop music via sampling has been quite plentiful over these last few years. However with this genre comes the good, the bad (a lot of it), and every now and then... the fantastic.

The other day, my inbox thankfully introduced me to a project in my own backyard. Happy Family seems to have contrived some of the best whatever-fidelity bedroom pop jams I've heard in awhile.

He just relinquished his debut, a four song EP titled Sound Farm. Lucky for all of us, he's made it available in its entirety as a free download. These four tracks boast promise of more great things to come, and are most certainly seasonally relevant.

Summertime generally brings sunshine and smiles, and the compact carnival-esque nature of EP opener "Cups" embodies just that. This track is free-spirited and bubbling, with layers upon layers of sounds. Capped off with warped Brian Wilson style melodies that are damn near impossible to hate on, this one's a must hear.

"Running in the Fields" is more like a day laying on the beach than a fairground ride. Layered synthetic waves slowly creep in and out, with bursts of sonics rich in texture. The last two tracks bring more of an experimental feel, as "Mindless Pleasures" starts off with a champer pop feel that erupts into a more lively romp.

You have absolutely no reason not to go download this, or at least stream "Cups" on his muxtape. Check back for more deets on Happy Family, including some videos.

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