Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Photo Review: Le Loup at the Ottbar

Photos by Valerie

If you missed out on Le Loup's dense melodic folk last Friday you weren't alone. The show had a pretty lackluster turnout, which was a shame. But man, if I knew the secret lineup down at CCAS that night for their 1000th show included Double Dagger and Sick Weapons, I would probably have been gettin' sweaty in a basement instead too.

The mediocre attendance, and just generally odd crowd (I swear I saw some drunk jerk break dancing at one point), had no effect whatsoever to the level at which Le Loup performed. This force of an ensemble not only recreated some of Family's gems, they built them from the ground up all over again at the Ottobar Friday.

These songs are meant to be heard on full tilt, growing each and every melody with organic wonder and deep spirit. The new record has a very natural feeling to it, and it comes to life in their performance. Even the tracks off the debut were given new meaning, and hopefully more will take notice next time these guys come around.

Don't sleep on my interview with Sam Simkoff, once Baltimore resident and current Le Loup brainchild. Peep Valerie's excellent photo set from the evening here and below, which includes shots of Nurses, Eureka Birds, and We Read Minds. I didn't catch the first half the show, so hum to yourself what you think the openers sounded like while you look at their pictures in the set.

Photos by Valerie


Unknown said...

I saw the same drunk jerk.. two of them I think. While slightly distracting, it didn't completely alter the experience for me. Great show, both Nurses and Le Loup.

Brett said...

Yeah, dude's must have been severely confused. I wanted to point them in the direction of Power Plant, or wherever the cool kid break dancers hang out these days.

Real distracting, indeed.