Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daytime - Life / Afterlife

Daytime is the solo endeavor of Neal Reinalda, a resident of Open Space and also a member of the band Stoned. I first mentioned his work late last year when I came across his fantastic Mirrored World disc, and a piece of his work called "Lights" was also included in the Friends and Friends of Friends comp this year.

About a month ago Neal passed along a new piece, a 30 minute ambient journey called Life / Afterlife. Above is a four minute sample, a moment that highlights the positive nature of the new work. Taken out of the first half of the album, one can assume the beginning of this represents life, as a cosmic swirl of colorful noise takes your mind to the clouds. Once you've reached the clouds, reflection seems to take the forefront.

A lot of this disc is the kind of ambient feeling where in which you can actually feel and sense your surroundings. Even if your surroundings are an everlasting field of grass or clouds in the sky, there's always some sense of feeling grounded.

Perfect for contemplation, Life / Afterlife is ideal for late night listens and long car ride zone-outs. There appears to be some sort of voice in the end, though it is coated in a heavy layer of electronic muck. This could be someone welcoming you to your afterlife, but maybe it's your own voice of reason. However you interpret it, it's a careful and delicate end to a seemingly meaningful journey.

Life / Afterlife will be a limited-run CDR that features art by Megan Plunkett.

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