Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photos: Soft Fest (Saturday and Sunday)

Avocado Happy Hour
This past Saturday and Sunday, those who heard through friends and chatter were able to attend one of the city's more intimate events, Soft Fest. This was the space's second annual Soft Fest, and it had a very similar feel and vibe to last years event.

There was a long list of artists participating, but highlights included sets from Zomes, Dustin Wong, Lands & Peoples, Run DMT + Tonnstartsbandht, video premieres by Mark Brown (for Ami Dang and Teengirl Fantasy), Avocado Happy Hour, Gem Vision, Lexie Mountain Boys, Ecstatic Sunshine, Bird Names, Eachothers, and a whole lot more.

Take a gander at an offering of fine photos from Soft Fest by Valerie below.


The Creepers

Dustin Wong

Romantic States

Holy Ghost Party presents The Sounds of Weather

Ecstatic Sunshine

MC Schmidt and Max Eilbacher

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