Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rye Rye - "Sunshine" ft. M.I.A.

Baltimore's 19 year old Rye Rye was the first to get signed to M.I.A.'s imprint on Interscope, and her debut album Go! Pop! Bang! will finally hit streets early next year.

"Sunshine" is the second song offered off of the forthcoming record, and features vocals from M.I.A. The new track is a change-up from the dance numbers usually heard from Rye Rye, but her publicist writes of remixes in the works, so expect other versions that pack more of a fist. A video for the single is also promised.

The more chilled-out vibe comes complete with stellar production, helping achieve a silky smooth zone fit for a roller rink. In addition to Rye Rye's signature verbal onslaught, the young MC exudes a hearty helping of assurance and swagger. "Sunshine" is a well crafted chunk of pop complete with school girl drama, hand claps, and a mega-catchy bass line.

Go! Pop! Bang! will be released via N.E.E.T. sometime in early 2011.

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