Thursday, October 14, 2010

Total Slacker - "Stuck in 93"

Brooklyn's Total Slacker make their way down to Baltimore on Friday, and play with Weekends, Beyond Say, and Sabertooth Cavity at The Annex tomorrow evening.

The trio has released a 7 inch single with Impose Records, and a split cassette release on Breakfast of Champs with Weekends. The BOC tape featured a generous offering of Weekends live recordings, in addition to a handful of Total Slacker jams on the B-side.

"Stuck in 93" is short, sweet, and gets right the core of these folks. Sun-washed guitar squalls and simple floating melodies are at the forefront, while reverberated vocals are offered with reckless abandon. Not to say that there's no rhyme or reason to these sounds, as this band has developed a knack for lo-fi guitar fuzz with just the right amount of effort. These dudes are loafers to the fullest, and we approve.

Grab that tape here, and come out tomorrow night for a good time.

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