Monday, October 25, 2010

Wigflip End of Summer Comp 2010

Our neighboring sound-seekers over at Wigflip Records continue their aural onslaught of gorgeous tunes with a fresh compilation to help commemorate the end of summer. In addition to some new jams from some local and familiar favorites, this compilation features some stellar new tunes from afar.

This is my first run-in with My Friend Wallis, which is the project of Crystal Dorval who resides in Vancouver, Canada. Above is "Be Free", a steady romp through the clouds that is chock full of ethereal pop bliss. Highly recommended for the Indian summer days of October, and another stellar addition to the Wigflip family.

Another radical new find is the work of Acid Flashback. A somewhat mysterious entity based out of both Atlanta and Toronto, their contribution to the compilation is certainly a highlight. "Big Dreams" recalls the head-bobbing 60s pop nostalgia found in Run DMT's "Spruce Bringsteen" (also on this comp), adding layers of even more dreamy vibes.

These new find are paired with some gems from some of our favorites including Dead Drums, Happy Family, Semya, Do While, Gem Vision, and more. Download the entire compilation for free right here, and check out the full track list after the jump.


1. Kingfisherg - Patch Face
2. Run DMT - Spruce Bringsteen
3. My Friend Wallis - Be Free
4. Semya - Cloud Dog
5. Inflatable Mattress - Gardening on Sylvia
6. The Dene Road - Six Bay Mares
7. Do While - Dancing on Diamond Water
8. Tamma -  Fragments
9.  Dead Drums - Carousin USA
10. Dygn - Courtney K Mix 4
11. Matthewdavid + Run DMT - Shit_rendr
12. Dirty Universe - Just You
13. 10th Letter - Whispering Geode
14. Ohbliv - Lorb
15. Acid Flashback - Big Dreams
16. Gem Vision - In the Sleeping Bag
17. Cache + The Treehouse - Glowing Moon 
18. Dem Hunger - Herat Homosexsual
19. Happy Family - Laura's Diet

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