Thursday, December 16, 2010

Arbouretum - "Destroying To Save"

Baltimore's finest purveyors of dark and grandiose folk rock, Arbouretum, are set to drop a new album this February on Thrill Jockey called The Gathering. The first taste is below.

"Destroying to Save" is to be the third track on the forthcoming LP. The song is a doom-filled romp through lost battlefields and forgotten conquests. It's a perfect example of how this band is able to enforce heavy gloom while at the same time fanning a swift breeze of melody and entrancement. In fact, The Gathering looks to be one of the most melodic works to date by Arbouretum, likely due to new help on keys by Matthew Pierce.

Thrill Jockey writes that The Gathering is inspired by The Red Book written by Carl Jung, and points out Jung’s "pursuit of the inner images that led to the book’s writing." Dave Heumann depicts journeys that were once lost but now grasping for direction, while his arsenal of sound-smiths inflict a force of aural redemption that can be felt miles away.

The Gathering is to be released via Thrill Jockey Records on February 15, 2011.

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add a flute and you have Jethro Tull