Friday, December 3, 2010

Clusterfuck: Dope Body, Shark Tank, Blue Walls,
Double Dagger, The Super Vacations, Ed Schrader, more

It seems like the first couple weeks of December are always jam-packed with shows, with folks trying to fit as much in as possible before all that holiday cheer and snow.

Tonight you've got a couple options, starting with the show I mentioned yesterday at the Annex in 3E. Ed Schrader, Shark Tank (featuring Height, Mickey Free, Lord Grunge, & Brendan Richmond), Blue Walls (Jenn Wasner), and Showbeast will all provide for a good time, guaranteed. This one gets going around 9 PM and will be cheap.

If you feel like dancing a whole lot, Deep In The Game takes over the Hippo. Peep Mark Brown's video flyer above, and tonight includes a live performance by Sewn Leather.

Tomorrow night sports a trio of options, starting with a show at the Golden West that's likely to blast the antlers right off of that giant moose head. Dope Body is celebrating the release of their split with Orphan, the band's first release on wax. I have yet to hear the full split, but Michael Byrne had some kind things to say in this week's Citypaper. This show will be a round robin, and will include our other favorite local bass/drum/vocal trio, Double Dagger. This one doesn't start until after 11 PM, and costs five dollars.

Also Saturday night, The Parting Gifts (Oblivians, Reigning Sound) plays one of only three East Coast shows at the Windup Space. They'll be joined by locals Hollywood and The Slow Jerks, who always prove to be a good time. You also might end up back at the Annex on Saturday, where you'll find The Super Vacations, Juiceboxxx, 400 Cloaks, DDP, along with Schwarz and Cullen Stalin DJing. Both of these options start at 9 PM.

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