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BALTIMORE 2010 - A Bmore Musically Informed Mixtape

I had planned to do a local best songs list for 2010, but thought of something a lot more fun. Here is collection of songs stemming from Baltimore in no particular ranking order.

It's called Baltimore 2010, and you can download the full mix below. The track list features a few premieres, including Celebration's newest Electric Tarot dealing - "Junky".

I'd like to give many thanks to all the amazing artists and musicians in our town that make something like this so easy and enjoyable to put together. The following tracks are what I think give a fair scope of what was going on in Baltimore in the year of 2010.

The download link to a zipped file of the full mixtape for free is below, and peep the full track list with some thoughts and song streams after that. Please support the artists.

DOWNLOAD (95.46 MB): BALTIMORE 2010 - A Bmore Musically Informed Mixtape

1. Happy Family - "Youtube"
I've watched Will Pesta's label and solo moniker evolve for a few years, and "Youtube" is his best work to date. His debut full length can't come soon enough.

2. The Art Department - "Get On"
A song off their debut LP that's full of the quirkiest and most endearing ADD-pop around.

3. Lower Dens - "A Dog's Dick"
My favorite bass line of the year, or... maybe second to W. Cashions' on "The Ink Well".

4. Celebration - "Junky" (world premiere)

This is the premiere of the seventh card to be dealt in their Electric Tarot project. "Junky" will appear on their forthcoming LP Hello Paradise, out in January 2011.

5. Weekends - "Team Wolf"
Just like Celebration's new LP, this comes from an album in which I was close to the most of the process, including sitting in on the mixing by Rob Girardi back in January.

6. Dustin Wong - "For Daniel"
Dustin was notably one the year's best highlights in local music, churning out a healthy portion of amazing sounds - on tape and in person. This is from his tape via WTR CLR.

7. Beach House - "I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun"

A recently relinquished new song from their practice space made of dreams and snow.

8. Lands and Peoples - "Restless Legs"
Off of a way-too-limited  but radical split cassette released early summer for a tour.

9. Run DMT - "Romona"
Some of Mike's earlier sound collages. Patiently awaiting his Woodsist debut...

10. Winks - "Weed Makes Sex Weird"  (no folk version)
Premiere of this new take on the original, dubbed at No Folk in the Annex this summer.

11. Dope Body - "Enemy Outta Me"
I think Citypaper named these dudes best new band, and yes they deserved it. Most brutal live show all year long, and this track is off their forthcoming full length.

12. Wye Oak - "Civilian"
Recently dropped single from the forthcoming Civilian LP out on Merge in 2011.

13. Sri Aurobindo - "Towards The Sun"
Dominant psychedelic tribe of aura-bending rock wizards that rolled on this year with their first sounds pressed to wax (black and green translucent vinyl) - Cave Painting.

14. Teenage Souls - "Ice Flow"
One of the more undefinable pieces I've encountered, this inter-planetary trip into crazy percussion-filled zones with drowning sonics came out on his cassette via WTR CLR.

15. Height With Friends - "Cold Crush"
Another one close to my heart, one of the many killer Height tracks off Bed Of Seeds.

16. Future Islands - "In The Fall" ft. Katrina Ford

Two of Baltimore's best vocalists/bands together on a beaut, and the title track from Future Islands' debut 12" EP out on Thrill Jockey. Recorded during the 2010 blizzard.

17. Ami Dang - "Manali"
Sent over later this year, Ami's new LP on Ehse is a swirl of rhythmically psyched-out Bollywood dance loops transcending far off lands with our fair city.

18. Secret Mountains - "Rest Easy"
Off the Rejoice EP from this six-piece, further cementing their knack for lush folk pop.

19. Lexx - "Alley Oop"
A Wigflip Records beat-smith who also produces the sounds of Semya. Alex makes beats with potential to blow the roof off any Muppet party or Ninja Turtle throw down

20. Double Dagger - "Pillow Talk"
While 2009's More was my favorite Double Dagger record, their 2010 EP sported some the bands best singles to date. "Pillow Talk" is one of them.

21. Holy Ghost Party - "Shit House Luck"
A project thats sound changed early this year, this is off their first EP (via WTR CLR) which went in the new direction of jaded prog-infused pop songs.

22. Mickey Free - "Shock"
Mickey is amidst the forefront of a burgeoning indie rap scene in town that remains sporadically-known elsewhere. Second cut from his stellar new LP.

23. DJ Dog Dick - "New Swing Music"
This came via his 2010 EP called Grease That I Got. Max has a new LP works, and if this and his live show are any indication, prepare your ears.

One of our favorite singles of the summer, this track came via a split tape for tour, and eventually appeared on their debut cassette which was released at Whartscape.

25. Raindeer - "Juanita"
An instant blogosphere obsession, once this EP got out, folks the world over became enthralled with Charlie Hughes' psychedelic disco pop laced with just about everything.

26. Dead Drums - "Literarlly Illiterate"
Caleb of Lands and Peoples' solo project, this was the first track on his debut EP dubbed Fashion Defense - a lightly ambient collage of sounds and melodies.

DOWNLOAD (95.46 MB): BALTIMORE 2010 - A Bmore Musically Informed Mixtape

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