Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Favorite Baltimore Show Photos of 2010

  Ponytail's last set at Whartscape [more]

Bmore Musically Informed is incredibly lucky to have a couple of dedicated and passionate photographers on board that are just as into the music as they are to getting the shots that capture it visually. The always amazing Valerie Paulsgrove offered up the majority of photos shared this year, but radical contributions from Chrissy Abbott and Adam Lempel (Weekends) were also posted throughout 2010.

This is an attempt to summarize all the amazing shows that we covered here in Baltimore this year, with a million thanks to all the artists and photographers involved.

Take a look at all of our favorite moments of 2010 after the jump.

Deacon at the Ottobar
Deakin's first ever show at the Ottobar [more]

Secret Mountains at Sonar
Secret Mountains at Sonar [more]

Arbourtum with Wye Oak
Arbouretum and Wye Oak covering Neil Young together at G Spot [more]

Celebration at the Creative Alliance [more]

Drunkdriver at the Golden West [more]

Double Dagger
Double Dagger at Open Space (Ed Schrader show) [more]

The Snails at Windup Space [more]

Ecstatic Sunshine
Ecstatic Sunshine at Floristree [more]

Beach House
Beach House at 2640 Space [more]

Lands and Peoples and Wye Oak
Wye Oak and Lands and Peoples at Ottobar [more]

Height With Friends
Height with Friends album release at Hexagon (by Adam) [more]

Weekends at the Barclay House [more]

Future Islands Accoustic
Future Islands first ever acoustic show at Metro Gallery [more]

Run DMT at the Annex (by Adam) [more]

Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt at Whartscape 2010 [more]

Future Islands
Future Islands closing out the last Whartscape at H&H [more]

oxes @ the windup space
Oxes at Windup Space [more]

Dope Body
Dope Body at the Penthouse Gallery [more]

Dan Deacon at Rams Head Live [more]

Dustin Wong
Dustin Wong at Soft Fest [more]

Celebration at the G Spot for Friends Recs Halloween show [more]

Future Islands
Future Islands at Ottobar [more]

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