Monday, December 20, 2010

Winks - She's Done

At the beginning of the year, Adam from Weekends sent me a recording by Chase O'Hara under his new moniker Winks. Chase had just lost his job, and told me that making music seemed like a healthy activity as to just getting drunk all the time. That album ended up being one of the firsts in the Friends Records cassette catalog, and was originally recorded on an old karaoke player using pawn shop tapes.

The follow up is called She's Done, and was recorded this past summer by Ben Bass at his Annex studio in Baltimore. It includes nine new songs written and recoded by Chase, with Adam on synth bass. All of the new recordings were done straight to tape, amidst the hot sun and thick summer aura thats emits from the Annex in August. The result was a generous offering of new goth wave ballads and seedy pop gems now ready for your ears.

Take a first listen to "Animal" and "Slap Me Choke Me Cum on You" above, and download/stream the album in full right here and after the jump. The first run on tapes is limited to 150, and ships in January 2011. Tape art also available after the click.

photo by Emily Wandres

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