Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top 20 Baltimore Albums of 2010

Below is a list of my favorite records released by artists from Baltimore in 2010. Before I began to ponder these albums, I had to decide whether or not to include work released through a local label that got started up this year, Friends Records.

I've never considered Bmore Musically Informed a proper form of journalism, but I still feel uneasy about endorsing records on this list that I have personally been involved with releasing (re: Height, Sri Aurobindo, Weekends, Celebration, and other friends). While I have chosen to leave them off this list, my affection for them is already pretty clear.

Again this year there was a long list of amazing releases to come out of Baltimore, churning in all kinds of diversity to invade your ear-space. Hear for yourself...

20. Holy Ghost Party - Prog Parents // Wtr Clr

19. Pfisters - Narcicity // Fan Death

18. Crazy Dreams Bands - War Dream // Holy Mountain

17. Lizz King - All Songs Go To Heaven // Ehse

16. Rapdragons - Featuring Baltimore // LTD Comp

15. Dead Drums - Fashion Defense // Self-released

14. Raindeer - Raindeer EP // Self-released

13. The Art Department - Paperwork / Birdwork // Gen Pop

12. Romantic States - Romantic States // Tater Junction

11. Do While - Do While // Wigflip

10. Mickey Free - Last of the Tight Wiggers // Self-released

9. Happy Family / Run DMT - Banana Split // Wigflip

8. Daniel Higgs - Say God // Thrill Jockey

7. Jason Urick - Fussing & Fighting // Thrill Jockey

Wye Oak - My Neighbor / My Creator // Merge

5. Double Dagger - Masks // Thrill Jockey

4. Beach House - Teen Dream // Sub Pop

3. Dustin Wong - Infinite Love // Thrill Jockey

2. Lower Dens - Twin Hand Movement // Gnomonosong

1. Future Islands - In Evening Air // Thrill Jockey


hampsterdam said...

you should put some explanation for your ratings. I'd like to hear you thoughts and I'm completely mystified as to how Beach House was not #1 in a landslide.

Brett said...

While I'm guessing Teen Dream might have been the most successful Baltimore record in terms of sales and worldwide popularity, it's not my favorite Beach House record... and I know alot of folks who feel the same way. It's an amazing album from a great duo who are clearly growing with their sound, but when it came down to scoring these I knew I listened to those other three records that were ranked higher a whole lot more this year.

hampsterdam said...

Fair enough, I won 3 of the top 4 records on your list, and I have probably listened to teen dream more than any other record this year, baltimore or otherwise. Difference of opinion on their changing sound I guess.

Rabbit said...

Yes! on the Do While.. does he even know how good he is?
And the Lower Dens record has been sleeping like a big fat cat endlessly on my stereo since I found it... also huge happy claps to Happy Family/Run DMT split, wigflip I been eyein' you since you first made my day.

rabbit said...

k, also I never. heard the Mickey Free b4 but um.. holy shit. Record is hot like fire.
Your blog rulez/ thanks. keep it up.
<3 frum Canadianaaa..

Unknown said...

Hey Brett,

you didn't mention Gerrit Welmers' solo effort as Moss of Aura while I think both "Still parade" and "March" are huge highlights in 2010...

Brett said...

@Hip-Nautiqu I'm pretty sure that Still Parade came out in 2009... I know I snagged it at the end of '09. Otherwise I would have definitely included it, still gets regular play for me.

Chris said...

Really glad to see Dustin Wong in the Top 5, definitely one of my favorite albums of the year. I see where you're coming from with Beach House, and a lot of my friends feel the same way. Stoked to see them do so well this year, but personally Devotion is still my favorite album.