Monday, December 13, 2010

Archer Twins Cassette

The Archer Twins are William Cashion (Future Islands) and Stewart Mostofsky of Ehse Records acclaim. Their debut tape was dubbed recently, and just made available online. It's also of questionable importance to note that they both share the same birthday.

The cassette appears to be a trip inside the minds of two scientists in total disregard for any sort of logic or reason. They toy with a vague idea of beats, frequencies, and other aural stimuli, as if only to do so because the idea exists exclusively in an intergalactic realm. Wherever it derives from, the result is optimal for zoning out in grand fashion.

While Stewart uses "homemade, boutique instruments that make all kinds of strange sounds", William "uses his computer to make drum loops and field recordings". The result is almost a half hour of music that never allows you to know your surroundings.

This tape is limited to 50 copies and is available digitally for free right here. It is the first release in a new cassette series from Ehse Records called Suspicious Stimulus.

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