Monday, December 21, 2009

The Christmas Lights - "Hair" Video & Ghost Twins EP

The seasonally relevant Maryland project, The Christmas Lights, just released a new double EP dubbed Ghost Twins. This electro pop act is the works of Kenny Tompkins, and is based out west in Frostburg.

Above is the video for "Hair", the first track on Ghost Twins. The video tells the tale of an over-sized Barbie and possibly her super creepy boyfriend. The doll gets bored watching TV, cleans up and lights candles, and is fed bananas by a washed up WWF wrestler. In the end she loses her face, but not before getting her dose of potassium.

Read on for more on The Christmas Lights, and another animated video.

The Christmas Lights at the Ottobar
I caught them back in March at the Ottobar, opening for Cotton Jones. He was then backed by three other musicians, and was undeniably engaging.

This new double EP features two versions of three of the tracks. The "Hair Version[s]" are the electronic and amplified cuts, while the "Tooth Version[s]" are derived using more organic beats. This throws two different perspectives on some extremely catchy pop songs. While the older cuts from his 2008 album Walk Like a Human have more prevalent dark tones in its bubble gum melodies, you've got to dig deeper to find the darkness in most of the tracks off of Ghost Twins.

Grab the new EP here, and below is the video for the earlier standout "Show Your Teeth".

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