Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Photos: Future Islands, Thank You, Blood Baby at Floristree

Future Islands
Floristree hosted yet another hell of a good time Saturday, with Future Islands closing out a lineup that included Thank You, Weekends, The Art Department, and Blood Baby.

The lineup lived up to what you'd expect. Future Islands put on quite possibly one of my favorite sets of theirs to date, and if you've read this blog you'd know I've been to more than a few. Valerie captured the moment in epic fashion, and you can check out the full set if you read on.

Future Islands
Sam, William, and Gerrit proved they were more than amped for this one, having mentioned how "honored they always were" to play Floristree in a recent interview.

Future Islands
Future Islands have one more local show coming up, but will have to take a rest from touring when Sam has knee surgery. When they get back, a heavy agenda ensues with their debut LP on Thrill Jockey, and a split 7 inch with Lonnie Walker that will be out on Friends Records.

Friends Records is a local Baltimore label that a friend and I are debuting in early 2010. In addition to this 7 inch, our label will also be pressing the next Weekends LP to vinyl, another band that rocked on Saturday night. Much more info to come right here on Friends Records and its releases very soon.

Blood Baby
Blood Baby was a whole mess of fun, as you can see Ellie from Sick Weapons was digging her guitarist's other band. The Art Deparment were mind-boggling as always, and Thank You tore through their set in a fury of drums, chants and halfway warped melodies. Thank You played some of the tunes on their new EP, and seemed as tight es ever.

You can check out Valerie's full photo set here, or below in the flash gallery.

Photos by Valerie

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Unknown said...

It's a shame that a picture wasn't taken of me going on stage with Mason Ross, dancing with Future Islands..