Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Premiere: Future Islands - "Flicker & Flutter" (Javelin Remix)
and Photos of Jesus Camp Show with Javelin / Grandchildren

Javelin at Jesus Camp
Future Islands played their last local show for a little while, as they headlined Jesus Camp Sunday night with Javelin, 400 Cloaks, and Grandchildren all on hefty support. Going out and dancing at the Megachurch in Hampden on a Sunday night proved worthy, as all acts made going to church plenty fun.

Pictured above is just some of the fantastic antics that took place during Javelin's set. They made you want to dance, they were lively as all hell, and they've created some pretty infectious pop songs. You''ll find a Javelin remix of the Future Islands track "Flicker and Flutter" on the upcoming Post Office Wave Chapel via Future Islands and Free Danger. The band kindly hooked us up with the exclusive premiere of said track.

Stream this one in all it's glory and peep all photos of this show after the click.

Future Islands at Jesus Camp
The upcoming Future Islands remix EP has it's NYC release party this Thursday at Death by Audio, with Javelin, Jones, Moss of Aura, and Pictureplane - all of which lent a hand to the record. Future Islands synth wizard Geritt Welmers donated his Moss of Aura project's take on "Beach Foam", utilizing riffs from No Age's "Eraser". Jones is responsible for the remix of "Little Dreamer" that features Beach House's Victoria Lengrand, and Pictureplane reworked "Old Dreamer".

Future Islands at Jesus Camp
Sunday night was the trio's last hometown show for a little while, but look for big things to come in 2010 from these guys including a Friends Records split 7 inch with Lonnie Walker, and their debut Thrill Jockey full length. We will also have a podcast of an acoustic house session hitting waves soon, with brand new tracks, a super fantastic organ, and Sam somehow sitting down while singing.

Here's the premiere of the rad Javelin remix on the upcoming 12 inch, and more photos.

Future Islands - Flicker and Flutter [Javelin Remix] ( premiere)

Photos by Chrissy

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