Monday, December 28, 2009

Small Sur - Daytrotter Session

The Midwest's most consistent outlet of cozy music session downloads, Daytrotter, dropped a late Christmas present for ears abound. Small Sur, one of Baltimore's finest folk projects, recently stopped by and played some tunes.

With four songs in total, the session consists of two unreleased tracks, and two off of We Live In Houses Made Of Wood. Both of the new songs will appear on Small Sur's next full length in 2010.

Hear one of the new songs and link to the full session download below.

Small Sur at the Zodiac
One of the more familar tracks, "Sea Stones", is one of the session's many bright spots. With a two minute intro of soft and hypnotic hushed noise, this one entrances you rather quickly. When Bob Keal's voice soaks in, complete bliss ensues, and you are quickly reminded of the beauty of 2008's We Live In Houses Made Of Wood.

"Ohhhhh Pt. 1 & 2", lumps two consecutive album tracks into one MP3. Andy Abelow's sax work at the end of "Pt. 1" is incredibly enchanting, and provides the perfect segway to the latter half. These songs have aged well since their birth over a year or so ago, much like the rest. Their is a steady flow throughout the whole session, reminiscent to walking through a creek in late September.

Above is one of the new tracks, "My Elder Days". This song cements proof that Bob's 2010 release is something to be excited for, slowly crawling from a gently swaying melody to a bubbling sunny burst of folk pop perfection.

Austin Stahl's drumming in this performance is also worth noting, tastefully scattered in all the right places. Also, proving music of this variety sometimes does need elements of formal percussion. These four tracks are a fantastic representation of Small Sur, and downloading it here via Daytrotter of course comes highly recommended.

Small Sur croons the Sonar club stage January 19, opening for Vetiver. Recent Sub Pop acquisition Avi Buffalo, and locals Secret Mountains are also part of this stellar lineup.

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