Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Photos / Review: Double Dagger, Ponytail,
Ecstatic Sunshine, Videohippos @ Floristree

Double Dagger
On Saturday, Floristree hosted an epic matinee show, giving Baltimore a damn good reason to come out as early as 4 PM. Double Dagger, Videohippos, Ponytail, and Ecstatic Sunshine each played two sets. Multiple stages were in play at the H&H, and the early evening show also included video shorts from Mark Brown, Evan Devine, Matt Porterfield, and Robby Rackleff.

While some might have been skeptical of the idea of a matinee show, especially of such epic proportions, the general consensus was highly positive. It gave you something super awesome to do at 4 PM on a Saturday, it allowed you to go to 2 full shows in one weekend day, and when it was over it was only 7 PM... plenty of time for activities!

Full 90-shot photo set of all bands compliments of Valerie and more words after the click.

Double Dagger
Double Dagger took yet another show by storm, no surprises here. At least one brand new song was played, a track that was also rocked at the Jesus Lizard show that featured the lyrics, "If you lived two lives, which do you call home?" This will be their last show for at least three months, so hopefully we all got our DD fix this weekend.

Ponytail are on the heels of putting together their next LP, and the second set they played on Sunday featured pretty much all new songs. Based off these tracks, more big things are most certainly coming from this local force. A lot of the new songs really took advantage of Dustin Wong's freak-of-nature guitar chops, and provided a few more mellow and intricate melodies and loops.

This was Videohippos second performance since adding Jared Paolini and Benny Boeldt, the first one being their set opening up for Celebration at LoF a month or two back. The new additions have turned this spaced out electro pop group into a whole new entity, and I for one am stoked at the new and more organic material to come. Look for a podcast session of a private performance Videohippos played for us last week to come here at bmoremusic.net in the near future.

Ecstatic Sunshine
Ecstatic Sunshine is always a treat, and Sunday proved no different. Matthew Papich transcended beautiful looping landscapes, much like what you'll find on his new album Yesterday's Work. I picked up a copy of the freshly released Yesterday's Work at the show, and have been spinning it ever since. I was warned by some folks on Beatbots that I may have released my top 20 Baltimore albums list too early, and they were absolutely correct. Expect a feature on this piece in the near future.

Full Flikr set of the entire show is here, and the flash gallery is below.

Photos by Valerie

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