Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Premiere Hotspot of Medford, NJ

Chances are you've heard that Dan Deacon will be touring with Deerhunter and No Age this summer. Turns out the tour will be a week long and starts August 1st.

There is also the good chance that you have never heard of any of the venues being played that week.

For us boh-drinking folk, looks like the closest spot to catch this will be the first night which takes place at the Flying W Airport and Pool of Medford, New Jersey. Yup.

The uber sweet plane shaped pool is pictured above, and seems to be the main attraction at this South Jersey resort. With the tour being played out round robin style, I propose Deerhunter set up on the left wing, No Age on the right wing, and Dan Deacon on the tail of the aircraft.

Best pool party at an airport ever.


Anonymous said...

I want to go. Where do I get ticks!?!

Brett said...

No info on that yet, I'll share when I hear more...