Friday, October 9, 2009

Clusterf*ck: Shows in Baltimore this Weekend

Another weekend in the city that reads, and another two nights packed to the brim with some serious decisions to be made. While all signs point to a concert overload, I'll try and provide you with some deets to help you make some calm and rational choices. Let's start with deciphering tonight's pair of options.

I myself am seriously conflicted with tonight's spread, as one of Baltimore's most storied venues is celebrating their 1000th show. Citypaper did a really nice piece on the Charm City Art Space this week, as CCAS is throwing a show tonight that features five secret bands that won't be named until this evening. Apparently the bands don't even know what other bands are playing, so roll the dice if you're feeling lucky tonight.

If gambling isn't your thing, the electro-melodic folk chant force that is Le Loup will be serenading the Ottobar.

Le Loup mastermind, and once Bmore resident, Sam Simkoff was kind enough to shed some light on their amazing new album by answering a handful of questions for me. However, I'm not entirely sure he understood what I meant by "impeccable" when I described the Ottobar's restrooms. Either way, this show get's a high recommendation.

Saturday's got two double header's going, but only one possess the local folk noise heroes Wye Oak. Andy and Jenn are playing the Ottobar again, the scene of their release party for the exceedingly beautiful LP The Knot. With them will be Blitzen Trapper, some west coast boys that sound increasingly like some Bob Dylan with each release. I prefer the spazzed out country rock of their earlier releases, but the new stuff on Sub Pop ain't too shabby either.

Sonar's also got one Saturday, with The Dodos and The Ruby Suns coming to town. I was a huge fan of the Ruby Sun's first release with Sub Pop, with it's swirling eccentric vibes that bubble along so smooth you might swear floating in a raft off the coast of their native New Zealand. The Dodos were pretty terrible last time they came around with one of the guys being sick, so lets hope they make up for it this time. However their new release is pretty poor, so I wouldn't bank on it.

And last but most certainly not least, the Hexagon's got a solid one, and it's free. Not only only will it cost you nothing, but one of Bmore's best new duos is headlining, Weekends. These guys have been incredibly busy this year pouring out a stellar full length, and an EP dubbed Suburban Dome. Certainly not an option to sleep on.

Choose wisely, folks.


Anonymous said...

For shame, I can't believe you decided against mentioning THE best show on Saturday (Wye Oak is great, but they're only one band), Check the Metro Gallery for the cd release of Pariah Piranha's (York, PA) new album, supported by the always fun Degenerettes and always awesome Headwounds. Adamo Drive also scheduled.

Brett said...

Well handily, I noticed the Baltimore Taper has still been taping and yet to take a break as stated. So my hopes are, I'll still be able to hear this one at your site afterwords...compliments of you?

Greg Szeto said...

I did a more in-depth interview with Mike Riley here