Monday, November 30, 2009

Premiere: Rapdragons' Featuring Baltimore Preview

Podcasting with Rapdragons
Bmore Musically Informed recently had the privilege of recording an intimate performance with Rapdragons. Greg Ward and Nick Often invited us over to the Copycat, and tore through six live tracks which we recorded, videotaped, photographed and absorbed in all fashions of the sort.

These tracks will eventually be a part of a brand new podcast program, which will debut sometime in the very near future. Until then I've got four of the tracks for you to download now, some of which are exclusive premieres, and all of which will appear on Rapdragons' Featuring Baltimore project.

After the click, you'll find four new jams that sample some choice local flavor including Ponytail, Weekends, Secret Mountains, and The Agrarians. Hearing for yourself below comes highly recommended.

Rapdragons just dropped their debut LP a month or so ago, and are already deep in the works of their next project. Aptly titled Featuring Baltimore, this release will only sample bands that are familiar with Natty Boh. From what I've heard so far, this is going to be an all-around good time and I am quite stoked about the idea of this release.

Lucky for us, Greg and Nick let us hook up some gear to their PA, and record four of these new tracks a few weeks ago. These were performed in front of an intimate crowd at the Copycat, most of which gathered on the couches surrounding them as they performed. Thanks to our sound guy that night, Charlie Hughes, the quality of these recordings came out damn near perfect.

The track list is below, and includes an exclusive premiere of the Ponytail sampled "Early for Work". All four jams are quite excellent, and should be a good taste of whats soon to come from Rapdragons. Indulge below, and you can catch these guys at the Zodiac on Saturday.

MP3 Download link of all 4 tracks: Rapdragons - Featuring Baltimore (preview)
via Bmore Musically Informed, and other local friends and outlets

Track List:
1. Plot Twist (samples "ShakesScene" by The Agrarians)
2. Come Harvest (samples "Growing Season" by Secret Mountains)
3. Early for Work (samples "Late for School" by Ponytail)
4. Camp Everywhere (samples "Camp Nowhere" by Weekends)

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