Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ticket Giveaway: DNA Test Fest III

DNA Test Fest III is quickly approaching and will blast ears here in Baltimore Saturday April 3rd at Sonar. Bands include Pissed Jeans, Psychedelic Horeshit, Sightings, Lamps, Religious Knives, Neon Blud, Twin Stumps, and many more.

Fan Death Records are responsible for this event, and are also behind the cassette that will be given out to the first 100 attendees. This tape will never be produced again, and here's the tracklist:

Side A
1. Leather - Inna Altar
2. The Chickens - Phocomulous Vers. #1
3. Broken Neck - Ben
4. Twin Stumps - Missing Persons
5. Useless Children - Skin
6. Pygmy Shrews - AM Breakout

Side B
1. Lamps - Wanda & Mable
2. Death Domain w/ Cult of Youth - Justify Treason
3. Home Blitz - A Different Touch
4. Psychedelic Horseshit - Phone Card
5. Birds of Maya - Making Friends
6. Neon Blud - BFF Blud

Bmore Musically Informed is the only place you'll find a ticket giveaway for this. In order to enter, here's what you need to do. Yesterday two friends of mine tried to convince me that I should go see Bonnie Prince Billy play in Rehoboth Beach this night, instead of going to DNA Test Fest. In the comments section of this post, tell me why I should in fact go to Test Fest as originally planned. The person who comments the best reason wins. Check back here April 2nd.


Dr. Death Domain said...

Because you're not a pussy and listen to pussy music?

Though I already know this is the best response you'll receive, I'm already in for free, so let the runner up take the ticket.

Scott M. said...

Is Bonnie Prince Billy from DC? If so, I believe Fan Death already pointed out why he sucks.

Anonymous said...

I love Bonnie Prince Billy, but you'd be a fool to miss this. Serenade your girlfriend at the beach with music another weekend, dude.

- justin newman

Timmy Reed said...

Why see drive to see one act when you can walk to see fifteen? Quantity rules.

- Timmy Reed

J.S. Honk said...


sara iffen said...

because I'll be at test fest.

specialist morgen j said...

if i wanted to some dude with a beard to bore the shit out of me for three hours, i'd hang out with my friend shayne. that's why

jr said...

you'll piss your jeans if you miss pissed jeans? no? yeah that was lame.

josh redman

Alex Farner said...

so you don't have to spend april 3rd watching this guy-

- whispering into a microphone from 80 feet away at a tourist bar while you were wishing you went to the dna test fest.

Alex Farner said...


Brett said...

Ok, I will now also accept answers that tell me why DNA Test Fest is better than going to the beach.

Anonymous said...

because bonnie billy will do scary things to you after a NYC train ride, proof:

your welcome,

polk said...

You should go to DNA Test Fest, because if you don't, your entire physical being will be transmogriphied into a perpetual Terminal Boredom "What did you have for brunch today, (in 12.5 words or less)?!?" thread.

The horror.

Mike Vom said...

You should go to DNA Test fest instead of going to see Bonnie Price Billy because you have a WAAAAYYYY better chance of actually seeing GOD.

If you DON'T actually see god- you have a WAYYYY better chance of getting one of the guys in the bands to let you BLOW THEM

If you DON"T get the chance to blow anyone of the guys in the bands playing DNA Test Fest- then you have a WAY better chance being lonely and blowless with people who actually like GOOD MUSIK- MAGIK MUSICCC.



Neely said...

just follow FDR's advice:
When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on and go to DNA test fest 3.