Monday, May 3, 2010

Bed of Seeds Album Release Party

Height with Friends - Bed of Seeds
The fourth release in the Friends Records catalog will be Bed of Seeds, the new LP from Height with Friends. It will be limited to 500 copies on vinyl, and available in the coming weeks. Height with Friends is currently out on the second leg of their national tour, but will be coming back to Baltimore to celebrate the release of their finest record to date on Friday, May 28th.

<a href="">Height with Friends - "Dreams Don't Always Come True" by Friends Records</a>

Last year's Baltimore Highlands via Wham City Records turned many heads in Height's direction, but Bed of Seeds is a whole new look and the first to truly represent the full group feel. After many spins of the test press copies last week, it's become clear that Mickey Free's production on this record might be the best thing Mickey has ever been apart of... and that dude's cooked up some fine tunes in his day.

To help celebrate, Height has put together a "mega show" lineup that features an all-star cast of cronies. Performing on stage as Height with Friends will be Mickey Free, Emily Slaughter, Gavin Riley, PT Burnem, Travis Allen, Brendan Richmond, Liz Aeby, Pam Kurowski and Rob Dowler of Nuclear Power Pants. Yes.

<a href="">Raingirls (short) by Friends Records</a>

In addition, Weekends will be in attendance and their new record MIGHT be ready on vinyl by the time of this show. If not, we're also cooking up cassette tapes of Strange Cultures that are sure to be raddest sounds to grace your Walkman's presence ever. We'll also have the Friends and Friends of Friends tapes ready for the taking as well.

To cap it all off, Lord Grunge of Grand Buffet will be performing. The show is Friday, May 28th at the Hexagon. Look for more surprises to be announced in the coming weeks.


laurent said...

pumped for this show. love the album. and thanks for posting one of my favorite videos of all time. love love love

Brett said...


be sure to say whats up at the show laurent!