Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Giveaway: Twin Stumps - Seedbed LP
+ album release show the @ Golden West

Sean Gray and Chris Berry of Fan Death Records have recently displayed their knack for archiving loud sounds, and now it looks like they may have released their best and most challenging record since their inception last year. The 20th release in the Fan Death catalog is the new Twin Stumps LP, Seedbed.

was produced by Ben Greenberg of Pygmy Shrews, as Ben aptly gets more heavy with things than the sounds emanating from their self-titled release on Dais Records. "Missing Persons" is the second song on this LP, and a fine example of the careful balance Ben took when factoring in the low end frequencies that are deeply rooted.

This is one of the most forward-thinking buckets of noise dumped on me in some time, and I had expected nothing less after seeing these guys blow faces off at recent shows here in Baltimore. There is a layer of scuzz on this record that is rarely obtained unless you frequent construction sites - one soaked in sweat, whiskey, and cement trucks. Devastatingly splintered bass is crushed up together with bleeding vocals and prehistoric rhythms - all of which are bent over backwards and chugging a fifth of Jim Beam.

The fine folks at Fan Death Records have hooked us up with a killer giveaway - a copy of Seedbed on vinyl, and a pair of passes to the album release party here in Baltimore. The show is Friday June 4th at the Golden West, and starts at 10 PM. Twin Stumps headline, while Leather and Janitor aid in support. Email us what type of animal Twin Stumps makes you feel like and why, and we'll pick a winner the week of the show.

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